Products and Services

MacroSQL Technology focuses on making the highest quality design, implementation of enterprise database applications, using the combination of in-house optimized, mature opensource database and 3rd party commercial database. MacroSQL differentiates by having internal monitoring mechanism to guarantee customers have the highest quality design, implementation at fix price point. and provide free service to guarantee its software scalability for 10 times more data growth or 5~10 years. For clear specification, we also can sign fix price contract. We pledge to trait all of our customer with the highest ethical standard and strive to provide the best service to customers. No trick or lock-in with proprietary or immature technology or price-hike after contract.

1. MacroSQL real-time database: optimized from Opensource, with performance and stability on-par with leading commercial database while cost 1/400th.

2. MacroSQL NMS: Integrated Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection Software and system from Opensource. automatically detect and escalated risky events, drill down to packet and command history of intruders; as well scan historically high risk LAN events and cost only 1% of equivalent commercial products.

3. High performance, large scale or real-time application design, implementation with full security and performance scalability.

4. Design evaluation and project implementation monitoring. Most of project over-run initial estimated cost significantly. ObamaCare cost over-run 100 times of initial bidding price.