Dave Liu

CEO and CTO. Dave is passionate about performance tuning and has accumulated Cycle-accurate performance tuning experience in each layer of data center: apps, app-server, JVM, DB, OS, CPU, motherboard, storage, switch/routers from Oracle, Intel, Cavium, MarkLogic, Comverse Technology and Ebay; plus distributed and heavy concurrency system; real-time app/DB/OS/routing. Dave has a Master in computer science (with straight As) from RPI at Troy, NY.

Channy Wang
COO, Channy has strong problem-solving skills and extensive experience in computer system, web applications, and software development. In the past ten years, he worked at Microsoft Research and Nokia on various projects in computer systems and networks. Specialties: system design, system implementation,system maintenance. Channy has a Master of Engineering from Stanford University.

Dongping Lin
Advisor and public relation. Dongping graduated with Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Anbor. He is the inventor of automated external defibrillators AED while at CARDIAC SCIENCE, INC. He is the former CTO of MR.NYSE and CSCX.Nasdaq.