Obamacare/HealthCare.gov original budget for CGI was $93.7 million, it grew to $292 million prior to launch of the website. While estimates that the overall cost for building the website had reached over $500 million prior to launch, and total cost of the HealthCare.gov website had reached $1.7 billion.Government Accountability Office concluded the administration did not provide “effective planning or oversight practices” in developing the HealthCare.gov website.

We also heard about Broadcom threw away its LTE project which cost it billions. Throughout my performance tuning career, 30~40% projects were poorly designed and barely usable or be thrown away eventually. ~70% has performance or scalability issues.

Modern tasks have becoming increasing complicated that risk to make bad decision has increased. Thus it is often warranty to hire top notch experts to continuously optimize, monitor and evaluate decision and implementation. The best experts typically working as individual consulting and a small cost to have an expert on your side, can avoid blunders and prevent cheating.