Specialized Areas


We are veteran of 17 years in top IT firms span from Oracle, Intel, Comverse Tech, NetApp, Ebay, WebEx….etc. have accumulated cycle-accurate(the best possible) performance tuning experiences in every layer of data center, from top 1 or 2 companies in apps, app-server, JVM, DB, OS, CPU, motherboard, storage, switch/routers; plus distributed and heavy concurrency system; real-time app/DB/OS/routing. Clear understanding of pros and cons of competing server systems and their common limitation/ bottleneck in various parts of CPU/system with different enterprise software, and how to avoid them or better utilizing them.
Thus our strength lies in our depth & full-spectrum of data-center experience from top companies. and can squeeze extra few percentage of performance from existing and new system. We provides:
1. Design and full implementation of e-commerce application, big-data, high-frequency trading/transaction….etc. using our MacroSQL database, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle or others open sources. with EMC, NetApp or other storage of your preference.
2. Performance related design, consulting services.
Not only we can help you with world-class solution, avoiding the stability/ scalability issues that plague ObamaCare and other ~70% of projects, we also guarantee lowest TCO in the world(pay back you the difference any time you found cheaper solution). Please contact biz@macrosql.com for more details.