Specialized Areas


We have accumulated cycle-accurate(the best possible) performance tuning experiences in every layer of data center, from top 1 or 2 companies in apps, app-server, JVM, DB, OS, CPU, motherboard, storage, switch/routers; plus distributed and heavy concurrency system; real-time app/DB/OS/routing. Clear understanding of pros and cons of competing server systems and their common limitation/ bottleneck in various parts of CPU/system with different enterprise software, and how to avoid them or better utilizing them. Excel in the area of extreme tuning of trying to squeeze even 0.1~1% performance improvement. CTO Dave has a Master in computer science (with straight As) from RPI at Troy, NY. We providing full-stack project implementation(new or optimize from existing) and tuning services globally.


Our Specialized areas:
1. MacroSQL real-time database, which is optimized from open sources, with both performance and stability at least 3.5 times that of open source and you can save 2/3 of your servers and sleep better. If your app are reaching the end of single database instance, hen we are the only solution in that case. In the mean times, we provide database internal MACRO so that you code to be 100% compatible without a change if you migrate from Oracle.

2. Real-time Oracle DB; RT-on-line meeting; RT-Linux; RT-embedded flash storage and LTE base station; Large Oracle database and J2EE/C++ ecommerce apps.

3. System limitation and reliability researches of Server CPU, chipset, storage, kernel, DB apps and router/switch; competition system comparison.

4. Locking contention and latency; memory leak; scalability and utilization of multicores & multi-socket; interconnect/IO bandwidth and latency (Intel/Oracle); SMP computer/system cache coherency and latency; automated cloud system design and implementation; RT-Linux latency,jitters and reliability.