Specialized Areas


We have accumulated cycle-accurate(the best possible) performance tuning experiences in every layer of data center, from top 1 or 2 companies in apps, app-server, JVM, DB, OS, CPU, motherboard, storage, switch/routers; plus distributed and heavy concurrency system; real-time app/DB/OS/routing. Clear understanding of pros and cons of competing server systems and their common limitation/ bottleneck in various parts of CPU/system with different enterprise software, and how to avoid them or better utilizing them. Excel in the area of extreme tuning of trying to squeeze even 0.1~1% performance improvement. CTO Dave has a Master in computer science (with straight As) from RPI at Troy, NY. We providing full-stack project implementation(new or optimize from existing) and tuning services globally.


Our Specialized areas:
1. MacroSQL real-time database, which is optimized from PostGreSQL, with both performance and stability at least 2 times better and you can save half of your server and sleep better.

2. Real-time Oracle DB; RT-on-line meeting; RT-Linux; RT-embedded flash storage and LTE base station; Large Oracle database and J2EE/C++ ecommerce apps.

3. System limitation and reliability researches of Server CPU, chipset, storage, kernel, DB apps and router/switch; competition system comparison.

4. Locking contention and latency; memory leak; scalability and utilization of multicores & multi-socket; interconnect/IO bandwidth and latency (Intel/Oracle); SMP computer/system cache coherency and latency; automated cloud system design and implementation; RT-Linux latency,jitters and reliability.