About MacroSQL:

What we do:

1. Developing MacroSQL real-time database.

2. High performance or real-time application design and performance tuning with our world class team.

3. Design evaluation and project implementation monitoring.

4 Reasons to have (3rd party) experts optimize and monitor your project on your behalf:

1. Most of project over-run initial estimated cost significantly
often at a few times to dozens of times more, here are some examples

2. Project can envolve hundreds of parts/choices and your team usually has narrow skills and blind spot.
Modern software/hardware system are very complex. Your/Internal team may be very smart, but hardly anyone person or together has complete experience in every layer of technology stack. Most engineers move their career in same layer or exactly the same technologies. lacking certain expertise to make the best choices mean you have blind spot. one or two blindspot or bad choice can doom a project. Macropt has complete, top-notch expertise in every layer to assist you disect.

3.Project builder has different interests as you, you want to avoid under-armed than them
When you get an design, you need to make sure it is best in your interest: cost less but with high quality. You might need someone to verifiy existing design is the best; you also need to make sure future implementation won’t have “accidental” or new cost